Thursday, December 09, 2004

Radical conservative anarchist marxist on the left

Last night I went to the radical centre for grassroots movements. I have been going there quite often in the last few weeks. I am one of the persons at the board of directors (whom we want to dissolve because it is to damn conservative and pointless).
The reasons for my frequent visits are quite a few. I have stopped smoking and I am very restless. I need to get my antiwar sign from there everyday. We are a few that are disturbed and disgusted by the fact that Iceland is for the first time a part of a war. Our ass-licking yes-men prime and foreign ministers decided to put us on the list of the coalition of the willing, even if 99% of the nation was against this war. So there are a very few of us standing outside parliament everyday with very direct and well a bit abusive signs (a couple of ministers have totally lost it and yelled at us "you are rude, do you maybe support Saddam?") Another reason i have been going there at the radical centre, is i like to be around people that are colourful and have strong opinion, even if i sometimes do not agree with them at all. Well last night i went there to be a part of a new political force. Some pretty interesting aspects where discussed and perhaps we will end up making a nice little world within the twisted world of greedy economy (ruled by banks and other disturbing factors). It was a funny little gathering. I am as i am, not your typical personality, then there was the liberal Marxist, a young bloke with two braids, another young dude, with long blond hair and obviously under the mentor-ship of the guy with braids. Then there was the atheist darwian in his winter suit, and finally two anarchists, whom i perhaps feel i can identify with to some extent. Dark cloths, very white skin and black hair.

The ideas had been flowing and we had got somewhere, we are looking into importing fair trade products as somewhere to start with our little economy. And a few other interesting steps towards braking free from the capitalistic mindset that is all around us here in Iceland.

Now as all good gatherings we where sharing stories and taking examples from our lives and other lives. I said as a part of a discussing of the world citizen and nationalistic identification, "I remember when i lived in the north of Norway, i was stuck in a colony of Icelanders, people i would never have chosen to hang out with in Iceland, they where all darwinists." OOppppsss i had forgotten that one of us at the centre was a darwinist and so there evolved a monster of a discussion that took hours. And i hate discussions where it is obvious no one will change their mind a bit and somehow there is this level of distrust and well disgust for each others viewpoints. I felt the darwinist thought i was naive, because i believe in things that have not been proven by acceptable scientific means. But i question those means and believe that most scientists are in a corporate stray-jacket. And many things have been smothered because they demand a new viewpoint that is not practical to the new world order. Yes yes i have a weakness for conspiracy theories. And i was thinking as i was walking home from this discussion. The night was cold dark but somehow soft, that I'd rather choose to live in a world where everything is possible and i have to bow to the fact that i know nothing, no matter how scientific the theories are my friend the darwinist claims they are,, how can he really know they are true. Has it not lead us in so much trouble to follow the logic of the mind?? i believe in the logic of the heart, yes it sounds a bit corny but it is a world i fit in, full of mysterious adventures where nothing is as it seems.

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